10 products for an easier first year
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10 Products for an Easier First Year!

10 Products for an easier first year!

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The first year for baby goes something like this. It is the middle of the night. The baby is crying for the third or fourth time but when you go to him you find he has pooped that shot out of his diaper and all the way up his shoulders. Yes, this happens. In fact, this is the exact thing that happened to me when my first son was 9 months old. What did I do? Yelled for my husband and carefully peeled off his clothes and sat him in the shower to scrub him down. Sadly, this is very common for the first year of life.

The first year is full of crying (mom and baby), poop, being peed on (especially if you have a boy), being puked on, diaper changes, nursing/bottle feeding, exhaustion, sleep deprivation and the list goes on and on. The first year is one of the most challenging for people. How can we make the first year easier for new parents? I have done this twice and having the right products can make the first year a happier time for mom and baby. Here are 10 products for an easier first year!


If you have a baby like my first born, then you know the stress of a baby who refuses to latch or has a poor latch. I did not know any better, so I decided to pump exclusively, and bottle feed him. Let me just say, I would never recommend this. Pumping then feeding is twice the work. I only lasted 10 months doing this. However, the Como Tomo is the best bottle I have found for my babies. It is great quality and my babies loved it. This makes the first year of feeding a bit easier with a stubborn child.

Nursing Chair

I did not get a rocking chair until my second child, but I loved this chair and still use it today. The reason I bought this chair is because I wanted something comfortable for the middle of the night and with no arms. When I would breastfeed my second son he would kick the arms which would make him lose his latch. I would end up fighting him to eat. This would drive me crazy all night. This is a bit expensive but amazingly comfortable and great quality. This is one chair that will not only last through the first year but for many years to come.

Baby wise gift of nighttime sleep

This book was a gift from my sister for the first year with my first son. I have to say I did not follow it strictly, but I highly recommend it. It helps you put your baby on a routine which helps them know when it is time to sleep, eat, and play. This was a life saver for me since I had no idea what I was doing. My sister had her babies sleeping through the night very early because of this book. I had no such luck since both of my boys had acid reflux. My second had a milk allergy.

Swaddlers with Velcro

In the middle of the night do you really want to be practicing your swaddling? These Swaddlers by swaddle me were amazing! I cannot tell you how much I loved them. They are extremely easy to use and have Velcro to hold so the baby doesn’t wake up because the swaddle fell apart. This made my first year with both boys much easier! I could not have enough of them. When It was time to wean them from being swaddled, I would leave one arm out then both arms then take it off. Both of my boys loved these and lived in them during their first year.

Sleepers/onesies with built in gloves

Babies scratch themselves because they have lack of muscle control. They scratch themselves then they scream. I tried the mitten that you just put on but man, my boys were pros and getting those off within seconds. These are foldable cuffs that fold over the hand and protect their face. I would recommend several of these for the first few months. A non-scratched baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means a happier first year.

Long sleeved Bib

My boys also learned quickly how to get filthy when they were eating even if they were wearing bibs. They also knew how to take them off. When Carter Eating Carters first yearbabies first start eating they get extremely dirty and that stressed me out. Have you ever cleaned a baby up after spaghetti? I ruined so many outfits until I found these bibs. These bibs have long sleeves to better protect the clothes and it ties in the back, so it is not super easy for them to rip off. Not to mention super easy to wipe clean or you can throw it in the wash.


Bumbo with a tray and seat belt

My second son spent a lot of time in his bumbo. When I was cooking, I would have him in his bumbo, so he could see me and practice sitting up. When he got older I used the tray to give him new foods to try while I was cooking. This entertained him wonderfully and gave me the time I needed to cook or clean. Make sure the bumbo has a seat belt because my ninja boys also learn how to get out of these. In the picture you can see my second son sporting his fancy long sleeved bib and his bumbo with the tray.


Baby led weaning

This is a unique take for introducing babies to solids. I thought it was crazy and didn’t do it with my first son. My second son however, always wanted to feed himself. He hated baby food. So, I would literally give him solid food to munch on. Please read the book to know how to do this properly or else it can be risky for a child. My sister in law did this for her oldest daughter and twins. Let me just say that they now eat straight beans out of a can. Because they used baby led weaning and introduced beans to them as babies.

Baby fruit feeder pacifier

I had heard about these but didn’t try them until my second son was almost out of the phase when these would work best. This is great for a four-month-old just beginning to eat real food. I would buy different fruits and put them in the pacifier and my second would suck on it. He loved these and I even gave one to my sister in law and her little boy loved it as well. It does get very messy so make sure they are using those handy bibs I told you about.

Booster seat

Jack Helping Carter Carters first year


I hated high chairs. They were ridiculously hard to keep clean or get clean. Since both of my boys were messy eaters I loathed that chair. Finally, I threw it out and got a booster seat. These are so much easier to clean since everything just wipes off. Not to mention it grows with your child. My second now doesn’t use the tray at all but sits up to the table. Not only are they easier to clean and adjusts with age, but as you can see they are easier for big brother to help you drink from your bottle.

These are the products that help me keep my sanity with the first year of my two little ones life. I hope that you can find the joy in your bundle of joy and not be overwhelmed by the gravity of the change that has just come upon both of you. Use these products to help you be happier and bond with your little one! You have just been given a great gift, enjoy it. 🙂

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