4 things to eliminate
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4 Things to Eliminate for a Peaceful Mind

4 Things to Eliminate for a Peaceful Mind

4 things to eliminateLadies our Sanity is at stake! Our minds are being plagued by this awful disease and we do not know how to control. However, you are not alone. Many people suffer from the same feelings you are having. So, how can we take control of our minds and sanity? Here are 4 things to eliminate for a peaceful mind.

Reduce sugar

My cravings for sweets were out of control and sugar had become a temptress. When I ate large quantities of sugar I would feel that tight grip on my heart. I felt on edge with every little thing like walking on thin ice in every situation. As soon as my kids started throwing one of those common toddler tantrums I would lose it and start yelling. I would become so stressed out that I would have to lock myself in my bedroom to breathe.

Once I made the connection, I called my mom. (Little background on my mother, she went back to school in her mid-thirties and got her bachelor’s in nutrition then went on to become a physician’s assistant. I talk to her about everything medical. My mom also struggles with sugar, it makes her hands shake bad. Being a physician assistant to surgeons and being in and out of the operating room you can see why that it a bad thing. Plus, she raised five boys and two girls. I don’t know she had that many I think I would have gone crazy but let’s just say she has a lot of experience.)

She and I started a bet that we would eliminate sugar. We did this by eliminating anything that has sugar in the first 3 ingredients on the label. Whoever caves first pays the other person $250.00. I have been sugar free for 4 months. I am feeling more in control than I ever have before. Find a way to motivate yourself to eliminate your sugar and read those labels! Sugar is in everything now days.

Is sugar harming your mental health?

Eliminate caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant. It causes your heart to race very similar to what anxiety does to you. When you are beginning to have a panic attack you feel your heart race and your lungs restrict. Caffeine causes these symptoms for me. I have never been a big coffee drinker, but I love these caffeine chews for running. I limit myself to one caffeine chew just to boost up my energy to run. Which has less caffeine than one pill of Excedrin. Again, try to eliminate as much caffeine as you can. Try eliminating one cup of coffee a day and then two. You do not have to go cold turkey but maybe just a little bit at a time. If you notice a difference cut out more.

Caffeine and Anxiety

Cut out the processed foods

You would be surprised the crazy stuff we put into our bodies. Shockingly, they affect our bodies. Just like sugar and caffeine stimulate our bodies causing more anxiety, chemicals from processed foods can bog us down causing fatigue and depression. Many foods are preserved by additives you may not be able to pronounce. This is because they are chemicals not exactly food. Yes, they many not cause you to get sick right away but over time they can cause serious health issues.

Now I am not a doctor, but I have read, listened, and watched many things to realize that we are in fact what we eat. Are your hormones imbalanced? Maybe it’s the many hormones they add into our meat and dairy products. Our brain chemicals are imbalanced when we have depression and anxiety. What could throw off our own chemicals? Probably the chemicals we eat on a daily basis. Try to eliminate the chemicals and let your natural chemicals re-balance themselves. I will cover this topic more in depth in a different post because of how strongly this impacts us and our mental health. If you wish to know the material I have learned from please ask.



We all know the challenge of decluttering with kids. Let’s just say I know what is feels like to step on random stickers, cars, crayons and many other toys. My house is not perfect. But I do like a clean house. Which will shock my mother to her core since I was far from a clean child or teen. But as I grew up I noticed that my depression and anxiety would get worse when there was clutter or filth everywhere. It is easier to keep up on the dishes then to dive into a sink that is not only crammed full of dishes but overflowing onto the counters, dining room, and living room.

The best way for me to achieve sanity is to bribe my child into picking up his toys. I try to race him, and he thinks that’s awesome. Whatever gets him to pick up his toys. He does this every night after dinner and before bed. Usually I bribe him with being able to watch a show before bed. Then as he watches TV I get him ready for bed and pick up the house and declutter. I do the dishes and getting everything cleaned for the night. Then when I wake up in the morning I don’t get overwhelmed with dishes and clutter from yesterday. I do this so yesterday’s mess doesn’t compound with today’s mess which makes me want to rip my hair out. Take this one step at a time and find things that work for you.

Its all in your hands

Time to fight back. You can take control one step at a time. Do not try to attempt everything at once because that they say you can do everything half way or one thing all the way. So, find one thing and work at it. Focus your energy on that one thing until it becomes habit and part of your life. Master that one thing then look for another thing to attempt. If you try to do everything you will lose everything. Do not give up. This is your time to shine!

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