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Hi, I’m Ariel

Yes, I got my name from The Little Mermaid. Growing up with that name was not an enjoyable experience “Sing for me Ariel!” “Where’s flounder!”. I have heard it all. Secretly, my favorite princess is Belle.

I am a mother of two young boys. The oldest is three and the youngest is 1. The stresses of being a mother have added to my depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety have been my constant companions since I was a teenager. I do not know when it started because I did not even know what depression and anxiety were until I attempted suicide when I was 16. Once I knew what was wrong with me and that life was not going to be like this forever, I decided to fight.

I have fought depression for 12 years now. Six of those years I was on medication. I did not realize what the medication does to the body until I decided to go off of my medication in fall 2015. Life was brighter and everything seemed clearer!

I married my husband in August 2013 and my first son was born November 2014. Soon after figuring out that babies were much harder than I had ever thought, my anxiety began to worsen.

My Purpose

However, I continue to fight this illness everyday. I did not realize how many mothers struggle with this same thing. I felt alone, worthless, and overwhelmed with my life.

That is why I want to build this blog to help all the women who are exactly like me. I wish to share everything I have learned to fight anxiety and depression, I will share advice and tell you my mistakes, I want to create a community of women that support each other, I want everyone to know that they are not alone and will never be alone and I want everyone to fight with me against the unseen enemy that brings us down and makes us feel less than the princesses we truly are. We are women hear us roar!

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