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Can you Heal your Depression and Anxiety? Together We can.

Can we be healed?”>

I see all these Pins or promises says you can heal your depression and Anxiety. They throw out cures but is it truly possible? I have had depression since I was 16 years old. Back then, I didn’t know what it was and thought life would always be this way. I didn’t want to live that way, so I tried to kill myself. That was not the answer but the only one I knew. No one talks about depression and anxiety. In fact, there are a lot of stigmas against them.

Why can’t you snap out of it?

Restless womanDepression and anxiety are not things you can will your way out of. Its not that thinking more positive will correct it. Sometimes, it is as real as a broken bone. The problem is, most people can see broken bones, no one can see broken minds. That is what depression and anxiety is. Our minds or brains are broken. It is okay to admit to ourselves that we are not okay. 

We need to fight for your younger generation, show them that theses illnesses are real. Many people struggle with them and we need to educate people on them. Our young people are falling victims to these unseen illnesses. Maybe if we taught them about depression and anxiety then they would find tools to fight back against them.

Can we Heal our Brains from depression and Anxiety?

This is something you must find out for yourself. There can be many different causes to depression and anxiety. Sometimes, it is as simple as a mineral or vitamin deficiencies. We can heal those deficiencies. Each brain has a different chemistry. A different cause for our illness. Some may have Iron deficiencies. Others may have a lack of serotonin. (The happy hormone). There are natural ways to boost our serotonin. For example, exercise can boost serotonin. Then there is medication that can boost it.

The problem with others promising a way to be healed is that what worked for them may not work for others. I have tried many ways to be healed. None of them have worked. I have found relief and lessened symptoms of depression and anxiety. But never a complete healing. I had a doctor tell me that I may have to live with this for the rest of my life. I think he was right. It is my burden to bare.

However, I have taken that on as a calling. I do not want others to feel hopeless and alone as I felt when I didn’t know what I was feeling. Depression and anxiety should not be our burden to bare alone. I found my purpose for this illness. Sharing my experiences and the ways I found relief is my purpose.

Find your purpose.

Together We can find healing from our Depression and Anxiety

The best way to bear this burden or illness is to find the reason why you have it. Yes, there is a reason for everything. Look around you and you will see others that struggle with this exact same thing. Can you help them? Can you build them up and make them feel like they are not alone?

Start this mission with me. Carry my message to others. Let us all turn to each other, share what we know and let’s change the world. We can change the way people think about mental illnesses. Find someone to help and just maybe you will find healing from depression and anxiety as you try to heal others.

Together We Can

Yes, you can find healing! There is a cure! Let’s call it pay it forward. Pass on good deeds, kind words, encouragement. This is the season to bring relief to others by bearing each other’s burdens. Because these burdens are too hard for us to carry alone but together, we can!

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