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6 Ways to Find your Peace

6 Ways to Find your Peace

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Through out my life I have had anxiety or/and depression. I have learned what things I can do to help me feel sane and life doable. Learn from my experience and try out all or any of these 6 ways that you can finally find some peace or relief to the chaos that now infuses your mind.


You may not like the idea of exercise but believe it or not this is a great way to reduce anxiety and fin

d peace. I cannot promise this will cure it, but it will definitely help. Exercising not only releases those feel-good endorphins but gives you that sense of accomplishment. When I started running, I only ran a mile then it grew into 3. I will run 5 on occasion and when I do, I feel a major boost to my self-esteem. I have noticed that running or any cardio workout tends to release the stress better than lifting weights. However, lifting weights is still extremely good for your body. Maybe lifting will work better for you than it does for me.

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One Step at a Time

This has been a huge eye opener for me. My anxiety takes control when I get overwhelmed. So, let’s talk about a typical day for a mother of two. First breakfast, which includes cooking getting the kids to sit down long enough to eat then cleaning up the kids, table, chairs, floor, and dishes. Then there is laundry to do at least a couple times a week for me. Cleaning or at least picking up stuff so I don’t feel claustrophobic by the encroaching toys that seems to sneak into every nook and cranny of my home.

We have nap times, diaper changes, and reading time. I also like to do something with my three-year-old to teach him numbers, letters, or letter sounds. This is to prepare him for school. Then we have lunch time with more cooking, cleaning, and dishes. Let’s repeat that again for dinner then we have bedtime which is filled with crying, brushing teeth and praying that he will stay in his own bed all night for once. This is just the daily routine, so you can see how many mothers can get overwhelmed. These kinds of days bring anything but peace.

The best way to avoid being overwhelmed by the stress of a long to do list is to take it one small step at a time. Don’t think! Do not look at the big picture. Think to yourself “Ok I just need to get the clothes and put them in the washer.” Do a mental check “Now I need to make oatmeal for the kids” Another mental check.

One step at a time. If you think about the many things you must do, it will literally make you shut down. Just like it has done to me many time before. This goes with anything you do! You want to start working out? First, choose the activity like running. Second, get dressed. Third, go to the gym/go outside. Fourth, run a quarter of a mile. You can be done for the day or push yourself further if you feel good. Slowly you can increase the distance you run until you’re a marathon runner!

The power of ‘one step at a time’

Peaceful Music

This one is tricky for me. Because sometimes noise is just more noise and sometimes my child thinks he needs to compete to be the loudest noise. However, sometimes a little Enya, or Yiruma (Instrumental Pian

o) can help calm the building anxiety in your home. There is power in music that I do not fully understand but utilize it. If it is just contributing to the noise in your home, then it might cause more anxiety. So be careful with this one.

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Try essential oils

I have not had much experience with essential oils, but I know of some people that swear by them. My favorite is the smell of grapefruit and peppermint. It is a very weird combination but that one helps me. I have noticed that if I use lavender oil on my feet or wrists at night I can calm down quicker and sleep better. There is also Lavender, Rose, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang. But I will cover this further in another post since there is a lot to know about essential oils.

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Sometimes we need to practice bring peace into our minds. I know your thinking “and when would I have time for that?”. We are busy. We are mothers it comes with the territory. For some reason, no one ever told you how hard being a mom was until your already a mom. From the time you wake up until you collapse with exhaustion in the evenings we are constantly going. How can we possibly have a quiet time to relax? My children are not the quietest children,  I can’t tell them “OK guys mommy is for to mediate so you can’t talk for thirty minutes”. HA! I’m sure you know how well that would turn out.

The best times to do any kind of meditating is before your kids wake up, (hard when you are not a morning person) at nap time, or in the evenings after bed. Find one of these times that work best for you and just take ten minutes. Don’t know how to meditate? Let me tell you my cheat. There is an app for you phone called Headspace. I usually do the ten-minute sessions because that is all the time I can squeeze from my day. Try it out for free and see if meditation helps you.


Most doctors have no problem pushing medication. I have tried several different kinds of medication. Most I have not been fans of. I am not anti-medication but I’m not its biggest fan either. Currently I am on Citalopram. It is better than the others I have tried. But with most of the SSRI medications and all chemicals there are side effects. Now please excuse my bluntness but sex drive? What is a sex drive? Oh yes you thought you had low sex drive before trying these medications and you will truly see how disinterested you can be in sex. Plus, orgasms become harder then usual to achieve. Then there is the weight gain or weight loss (the weight loss may be a welcomed side effect). Some medications even warn you of increased depression and anxiety.

Every medication is different, and everyone will affect each person differently. My Citalopram may not work for you but Fluoxetine (one I was previously on) may work for your body chemistry. The main side effect that bothers me is the flat feeling. This is when the medication pulls you up from being depressed but also prevent you from being happy. When I am on some medication I feel flat, dull, bland, as if the world is black and white. When I went off Fluoxetine I literally thought colors were brighter. Now remember, this is my experience and it may differ for you because all medication interacts with our different bodies in different ways.

I would prefer correcting or working on my depression and anxiety in different way. However, when it gets bad sometimes you need the boost from the medication before you can take matters into your own hands. Like I said, I am currently on Citalopram because things got out of control for me. I do what I can to find peace and be healthy for my family.

These are some of the ways I have found any kind of peace. Some of these may work for you and some may not. Life with depression and anxiety is nothing more then a large experiment. Everyday you play a scientist as you try out new way that will bring you peace. Some fail miserably and some will help. However, if you don’t try I can guarantee you will not find any type of sanity. These are some ways to fight back against this disease that not only afflicts you but your families. If you don’t care about yourself then do it for you partner/ husband and children. They need you even if you don’t think so. Be the best you for them.

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